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SatsuiUi preview

What is SatsuiUi ?

SatsuiUi is a library containing a skin system and several controls i created for my own WPF projects.
You can change the theme on the fly.
It's easy, fast to use and free.

How to install it ?

The Nuget package is available here :

PM> Install-Package Messatsu.SatsuiUi

How to use it ?

When the Nuget package is installed, instantiate a SkinManager object which take your application resources as parameter :

SkinManager manager = new SkinManager(Application.Current.Resources);

Then select a default skin and a color :

manager.SetCurrentSkin(manager.Skins[0], 1);

In your XAML code, add a reference to SatsuiUi.Controls


For now, there is 2 differents skins and 2 differents colors for each one :

  • (0) Crystal :
    • (1) Light
    • (2) Dark
  • (1) Classic :
    • (1) White
    • (2) Black

Which controls are managed by SatsuiUi ?

  • SatsuiWindow (improved window)
  • Button
  • HintTextBox (improved TextBox)
  • HintComboBox (improved ComboBox)
  • CheckBox
  • ProgressBar
  • Slider
  • ListBox
  • ListView
  • ContentControl
  • HintGroupBox (improved GroupBox)
  • ColorPicker
  • ImagePicker
  • SoundPicker
  • FontPicker
  • KeyPicker
  • ContributorsList

Some controls are missing !

You can add your owns controls to a skin using the AddResource function :

// Add a custom template to the Crystal skin 
manager.addResource(manager.Skins[0], "/YourProject;component/Path/YourTemplateResource.xaml");

// Add colors definitions for the Light color of the Crystal skin
manager.AddResource(manager.Skins[0], 1, "/YourProject;component/Path/YourFirstColorsResource.xaml");

// Add colors definitions for the Dark color of the Crystal skin
manager.AddResource(manager.Skins[0], 1, "/YourProject;component/Path/YourSecondColorsResource.xaml");

There is an example in the DemoMVVM project, feel free to ask me if you got any problem.

Eh, im not english !

All customs controls are designed to support translation.
For example, you can change default texts of a ImagePicker control :

	NoFileText="No file selected"
	ValidText="Let's go !"
	RemoveText="Remove this !"
	BrowseText="Let's pick some cool images"
	DialogTitle="Im a beautiful window !"/>

They are also compatible with SatsuiLocalization, see links below.

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