A Chrome extension for SongPop on Facebook. It gets the correct songs and displays them in a list.
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This is a Google Chrome extension, for SongPop. It will display the correct answers. It does not alter the page or the swf. This makes it undetectable, and safe to use.

How To Install

Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ggajjiolijnoobokjaghfjhibpofamhh and install it like any other extention.

How To Use

Just click the little node icon, if you are on a songpop page it will open a window that will display the correct answers. If you are on a other tab, it will open a new songpop tab.


  • Localize more texts
  • Say goodbye to jQuery
  • Indicate what button is the rigth answer
  • Block quiz timeout requests
  • Intercept and fiddle with song answer times.


Just fork it and make a pull-request! Or if you have any ideas, make an issue!