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Sauce for Strava™


A browser extension for

Sauce for Strava™ is a browser extension that upgrades with more stats, features and themes (e.g. dark-mode).

It's lightweight, powerful and completely open source!

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Official versions:

chrome web store firefox add on


Feature Highlights

  • Peak performance table:
    • Power
    • Normalized Power
    • Heart Rate
    • Pace
    • Grade Adjusted Pace
    • VAM (climbing speed)
    • Cadence
    • Sea Power (potential power at sea level)
  • Themes (including dark mode)
  • Export any activity to a TCX, GPX or FIT file
  • Create Live Segments for any effort (including downhills)
  • Running Power estimation
  • Kudo All Activities
  • Beers and Donuts earned for an activity (based on kcals burned)
  • Analysis page stats are extended to include:
    • Elapsed power average, normalized power, moving power average and watts/kg.
    • Grade adjusted pace
    • TSS
    • Intensity Factory
    • VAM
    • Elevation gain/loss
    • Raw data and graph views
    • Sea Power
    • Pw:Hr / Aerobic Decoupling
  • Weight and FTP overrides for all athletes
  • Inline comments system for activity page
  • Performance Predictor
  • Dashboard features:
    • Hide virtual activities (except your own) OPTION
    • Hide promotions and challenges OPTION
    • Hide commutes OPTION
  • Responsive layout (mobile support) OPTION
  • Detailed Running segments OPTION
  • W'balance graphing
  • Analysis graph smoothing



  1. Clone this repo to your local computer
  2. Run make
  3. Go to chrome://extensions/ on your Chrome browser
  4. Make sure "Developer mode" is checked
  5. Click "Load unpacked extension..."
  6. Navigate to the directory where you cloned or unzipped sauce and click "Open."

Mozilla Store QA Instructions:

  1. Get Linux machine with node, npm and make.
  2. unzip <bundle>.zip
  3. cd <bundle dir>
  4. TARGET=gecko make
  5. OPTIONAL: TARGET=gecko make packages -> artifacts in build/

Release Notes


I don't work for Strava nor have I interacted with any persons from Strava in the writing of this extension. All the information used in this extension is readily available within the website.


Because lawyers and Google: Privacy Policy