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  • This
    • script that parses all output locations and removes any dead symlinks
    • allow optional script field in modules.json that will 'enable' the config when linked or something (e.g. recompile xmonad, enable/start services, source bashrc, etc.)
  • Polybar
    • colors!
    • better/different icon fonts
    • better play-pause/media controls and spacing and stuff (remove python dependency)
  • XMonad
    • remove dependence on "default" config so that everything is in my config and nothing more or less
    • make new terminals grab focus when created
    • default programs (e.g. firefox on 1, spotify + discord + slack on 2, lightscreen + zoom + other bg utils)
    • switch to main workspace on startup
    • workspace settings (workspace icons, always keep firefox on left in workspace 1)
    • allow tabbed windows on any workspace
    • better way of showing selected window (blue or green bottom tab border seems like a good idea when window is not only window on workspace)
    • disable mouse
    • allow pinning media between workspaces
    • figure out tabbed windows and maybe make the one-window layout put everything in tabs
    • force all zoom windows to be in one tabbed setup rather than mucking everything with a million windows
  • Investigate launcher
    • ulauncher
    • rofi
  • Investigate dunst
  • Investigate PDF viewer
    • MuPDF
    • Zathura
  • 'Finalize' fonts and colors (especially for terminal)
  • Pics


The configuration files that I use for my desktop.