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Official web page of this project: you can find F.A.Q. and some useful links.

If you have issues with the official Common Voice website, please report them on GitHub repository so that Mozilla can fix them.

This is not the official app of the Common Voice project by Mozilla. This app is developed by Saverio Morelli and other contributors, using the Android Studio IDE.

If you have any questions, please open an issue (you can add the label question there).

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Where download the app

You can download the app on Google Play, on F-Droid, on Huawei AppGallery, on Amazon Appstore and also on GitHub.

The app name is always "CV Project" (or Donate your voice: CV Project) and it's developed by "Saverio Morelli". It's absolutely free and you DON'T HAVE TO PAY to use it. Anyway, you can buy me a coffee, using Ko-Fi or PayPal (see the section below).

Join us on Telegram

You can join the Telegram group of the app [English], where you can ask for support or if you want to know news and updates about the app.

You can see the anonymous Statistics

You can contact me also on Telegram, with the username @Sav22999 (I speak Italian and English); I’m always available to support you or to respond to your questions.

Support me and my work

If you like this project, leave a Star to receive updates on your GitHub dashboard.

To support me, you can do a donation 😄 with PayPal, LiberaPay or Ko-Fi:

Donate using Liberapay

How contribute

If you want to help to develop this app, you can open an Issue an send feedback about the features or report bugs.

You can contribute also to translate the app (follow every step, please):

  1. Open a new issue (use Translation template), so others know you are translating the app in that language
  2. Then go to Crowdin, choose your language (you can ask for a new language if it’s not in the list) and translate strings.

If your language is not now supported by Common Voice, don't worry! You can translate the app anyway, when it will be supported, the app will be already translated in your language!


If you want screenshots of the other versions, go to the screenshots folder.

Why an Android app of Common Voice?

There is already the website, which is responsive and mobile-friendly, but actually it’s very slow because of so many animations and graphic effects, which distract and annoy you. So, this app want to improve the experience of this fantastic project. You can see statistics, voices online; you can set the daily goal (it's not the same of Common Voice website); you can record sentences and validate clips, with a few taps. You can validate and record when you are not connected to the Internet as well! So, the app is smart, customisable, light, and powerful.


You can read more about Gesture here:

Offline mode

You can read more about Offline mode here:


The app is translated in many languages, see list on Crowdin:

Thanks everyone translate it!


The license of CV Project is GPLv3.

Privacy policy

You can read the specific file:

API Documentation

You can read the specific file about API (just relative to my website):

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