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"Emoji" is a Firefox add-on where you can find emojis and copy them with a single click.


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This extension permits you to copy an emoji in the clipboard. There are many emojis, more than 1703!

Emojis are divided in some sections, to help you find the correct emoji quickly (in order):

  • Smileys
  • People
  • Animals
  • Symbols
  • Foods and drinks
  • Flags
  • Sports and everything related to them
  • Travel and places
  • Technologies and office
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Hands and parts of body
  • Other (“not categorised”)


  • Search-box: so you find easily emoji by keywords, by colours (:red:, :purple:, :pink:, :transparent:, :yellow:, :gold:, :orange:, :black:, :white:, :green:, :blue: and :grey: / :gray:) or by gender (:man:, :woman:, :person:)
  • Most used emojis: in the first tab you can find the emoji you use more
  • Clear, modern and customisable UI
  • Simplicity: with a single click you can copy an emoji
  • Shortcut: open the add-on with Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+A (you can customise this in Settings)
  • Tooltip: every emoji has the tooltip, so you can learn what's the name of an emoji
  • Skin-tone of emojis
  • Inserting directly on the website (not only copy it): enable this in Settings

How to contribute

You can open an Issue and there you must describe the feedback, the bug or the new feature you want.

Also, you can translate the extension (and the emojis description as well) on Crowdin easily and freely.


See folder screenshots to see screenshots also of the older versions.


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