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Savaged-Zen Kernel

Visit for source.

Follow for commit-by-commit updates.


  • Supersonic: bbedward
  • INC: bbedward
  • Glacier: bbedward


Updated Feature Overview:

  • Simple I/O Scheduler
  • Deactivate Invalidated Pages patchset
  • I/O Less Dirty Throttling patchset
  • BFS
  • BFQ
  • SLQB
  • HAVS
  • HAVS sysfs intrface
  • SBC mod
  • SBC sysfs interface
  • Ondemand tweaks
  • Awesome conservative tweaks
  • Smartass+SavagedZen governor
  • Max OC to 1.19Ghz
  • Undervolted min 950


  • ClassicRCU
  • Brand spanking new SavagedZen CPU Governor !!! Based off of the SMARTASS gov. Brings the smartass goodness plus a few more tweaks
  • Fixed issues mounting SD Card via USB on Froyo ROMs (CM6, MIUI, ETC)
  • New v7_coherent_user_range patch from Galaxy S. This will provide better performance when playing games on the evo with an emulator such as psx4droid


  • Numerous tweaks to BFS (should smooth out scrolling issues for some people), tweaked dirty_ratio/dirty_background_ratio, and minor CFS tweaks to increase responsiveness
  • Adjusted Savaged-Zen gov to minimize wakeup issues
  • Reverted THP patchset
  • Reverted Classic RCU


  • ext2/ext3 added
  • Misc. Fixes/Changes from CodeAurora
  • send havs messages to AVSDEBUG for an un-flooded dmesg
  • compiler optimizations from intersectRaven
  • a1026: enable diag ioctls (cyanogen)
  • reverted to older bcm4329 (-18) temporarily to see if it fixes sleep issue
  • 128 mhz underclock
  • reverted cfs changes
  • BFS: Android-only: Allow non-privilledged tasks to bounce between SCHED_BATCH/NORMAL policies


  • Fixed Wifi Wake issue
  • Fixed GPIO Issues
  • Added Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) network scheduler.
  • Added YeAH TCP congestion control
  • Added Wimax updates
  • various other updates


  • latest TOASTCFH wimax sleep bug fix
  • various USB gadget fixes
  • CPU freq mem leak fix
  • update wifi driver to .23


  • brandons wifi fixes


  • Upgrade to
  • wimax updates from cm-kernel
  • mmc fixes
  • wifi fix


  • tweaked bluetooth for better sound
  • upgraded to
  • tweaked SZ Gov
  • fixed latency and wakeup issues.!!!!


  • tweaked SZ Gov (cosmetic change)


  • Updated to
  • Updates from CM kernel
  • Updated HAVS
  • eviollet's HAVS syfs interface ported to evo by Brandon
  • Lowered wifi voltage


  • Added in HDMwIn support


  • Update BFQ to V2


  • Massively upgraded to by Brandon
  • 2.6.38-ck1
  • Audio boost from Chad0989
  • Some updates from CM and CodeAurora


  • Fixed SBC
  • Lowered voltage min to 800mV (for more havs syfs flexibility)
  • Updated bfq


  • Added BATT_OPTIONS sysfs interface to allow runtime toggling of SBC (Brandon)
  • USB mass storage write speed increased
  • BFS v376
  • Starting voltage raised to 925mV for stability


  • Rebased on CM's unified tree
  • Updated to
  • Updated to 2.6.38-ck3 + bfs 400
  • Starting voltage raised to 950mV
  • SBC Fixes (no more 100% CPU usage on the charger)
  • Misc. fixes (codeaurora+intersectRaven)
  • Several misc. problems fixed


  • Update to bfs 401
  • MSM: Misc. code updates that were missed in the rebase
  • MMC: Several fixes from motorola
  • Deactivate Pages Patchset for 2.6.38
  • I/O Less Dirty Throttling Patchset for 2.6.38
  • Misc. updates


  • Reverted, caused SD mount issues
  • Zen-Tune and more tweaks


  • Pulled in CM updates
  • Should have fixed missing apps on sd card/ext3 issues
  • Minimized screen wake delay by reverting reduced power collapse frequency
  • Implemented hr_msleep into supersonic panel driver
  • Interactive Gov. tweaked for performance and harsher scaling (try it, it's fast :D)
  • Conservative Gov. lowered min sampling rate
  • SavagedZen Gov. Tweaks all around and eliminated the 768mhz issue


  • Added interactiveX governor (suspend/wake logic and tweaks by imoseyon)
  • Added suspend/wake logic (imoseyon)
  • Raise load % before jumping to max freq on interactive
  • Various tweaks, lowered vfs cache pressure
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