A small utility that simulates user typing to aid file transcription in limited environments
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A small utility that simulates user typing to aid plaintext file transcription in limited environments


transcribe <file> [--interval=<time>] [--pause=<time>]

transcribe (--help | --version)


-i --interval=<time>  Interval between keystrokes (in seconds). Typing too

                      quickly may break applications processing the

                      keystrokes. [default: 0.1]

-p --pause=<time>     How long the script should wait before starting (in

                      seconds). Increase this if you need more time to enter

                      the typing field. [default: 5]

What it does

Sometimes you find yourself unable to copy text data into a field or application but with a keyboard you could type it all in by hand... what a hassle.

Let this do tedious work and avoid typos.

When you launch this script, you give it the location of a file and (optionally) a between-keystroke time interval to control the rate of typing. It will then ask you to press "Enter" when you are ready for it to begin typing. After a short pause (default is 5s), it will begin typing; use the pause time to enter the field for the text. To abort the typing in progress, click any mouse button.

More information

docopt is used for the commandline argument parsing. If you install by pip, this should install automatically if you do not already have it.

FileTranscriber relies on PyUserInput, which is a python module for cross-platform simulation and tracking of user input. This should also install automatically with pip if you do not already have it.

The dependencies for PyUserInput depend on your platform and will probably require manual installation, search for the versions appropriate for your computer and version of python:

  • Linux - Xlib
  • Mac - Quartz, AppKit
  • Windows - pywin32, pyHook

If you experience any problems with the use of this script or PyUserInput, please let me know. I would also appreciate helpful suggestions for improvement.