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86ME (86Duino Motion Editor)



  • Add a new form for editing variables in "Option->Edit Variables"
  • Change the project format to JSON.
  • Code Generation
    • add a new button for generating robot motion library.
    • add a new button for generating Scratch 2.0 project.
    • replace the button "Generate 86Duino Sketch (with Frame Files)" to "Frame Files" in advance part
  • Move "Trigger" to "Options->Edit Trigger Commands".
  • Upgrade .NET Framework from 4.0 to 4.5.

VERSION: v1.95

  • Add a new trigger for ESP8266.
  • Add a new trigger for analog pins.
  • Add a new function "Mirror" that can interchange or copy values between pairs of servos.
  • Add keys of a virtual keyboard in "If".
  • Add a new control method "Catmull-Rom Spline"
  • Action "Compute" supports GPIO now.


  • Add a new trigger for LEADIY-WiFi Camera (WiFi602).
  • Add a new property for setting compensating range of motions.
  • Add a new property for setting a method to control servos.
  • Add a new button to duplicate/rename/delete/import/export motions.
  • Add a new function that actions can be deleted by keyboard's "Delete" key.


  • Add three new actions "Release", "Compute" and "If".
  • Add a new trigger "Accelerometer".
  • Add a new button on framelist that it can release a single servo.
  • Support two IMUs including RM-G146 and LSM330DLC for the gyro-gain function.


  • Add a new property named "Motion Layer". This feature makes motions can be triggered parallelly in different layers. And Layer 1's priority is higher than 0's.
  • Support Japanese now.


  • Will not check Windows Device Manager if users choose COM port by them self.
  • Upgrade .NET Framework from 3.5 to 4.0.
  • Add a tabpage for setting properties of the choosed motion.
  • Can insert Motion in action list now! It will be effective after sketch generation.
  • Change the method of generating sketches for controlling robots more smoothly.
  • Make the controlling method by bluetooth can be choosen.
  • Support for multiple language(English, Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified) now.


  • A new button to save 86Duino Frame Files.
  • A new button to load 86Duino Frame Files.


  • Refine UIs of Motion Group.
  • Add a ComboBox for setting bluetooth buad rate.
  • Make saving existing projects more convenient.
  • Add TOWERPRO_SG90 to servo list.
  • Fix bugs that changing tabpage MotionConfig may enable some controls unexpectedly.


  • Move sketch generation functions to MotionElement.cs.
  • Add a tabpage named MotionTrigger for setting the condition to trigger the selected motion.
  • Add three methods(auto, keyboard, bluetooth, ps2 controller) to trigger motions.
  • Integrate all motions and triggers into generated sketches now.
  • Add a function to insert intermediate frame.
  • 86ME can check whether a project needs to be saved now.
  • Update content of tool tips.


  • Change the checkbox "Auto Play" to "Sync", and add a tracebar for tuning the speed of synchronizing motors.
  • Some UIs move to the new groupbox called global settings.
  • The method of adding new actions is more instinctive that users can choose action type in the same area.
  • Add some captions to contorls. They will apear when the mouse move on them.
  • After loading a picture of robot, the file name of the picture will be shown.
  • Support infinite loop now.
  • Support generating sketches containing nested loops now.
  • For loading rbm files more conveniently, users can drag a rbm file into 86ME.exe and it will be loaded automatically.

VERSION: v1.1b

  • Fix bugs that the generated files contain space in their names.
  • Fix bugs that 86ME cannot load pictures containing space in file names.


  • Refine UIs of "Robot Configuration", "Motion List", "Motion Test".
  • Replace the button "MotionTest" to Play, Pause, Stop buttons.
  • Generate loop functions while generating 86Duino programs if there are flag-goto objects in the motionlist.
  • Add a new action type "HomeFrame".
  • Update information of Help->About.


  • This is the Robot Motion Editor of the open-source 86Duino electronic platforms.
  • The motion editor is designed to edit servo motions and generate 86Duino programs for controlling RC servos through Servo86 library of 86Duino.


  1. System reqirement: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 with .NET framework 4.5.
  2. Download 86ME.
  3. Unzip 86ME and execute 86ME.exe to start.


The 86ME tutorial pages for installation instructions and usage.


  • 86ME is an open source project. 86ME is derived from RoboME of RBgod and is developed by Sayter.
  • All of them are members of Tesla Lab in DMP Electronic Inc.

If you find any bug, or want to provide software patches or to request enhancements about 86ME, please report to the 86Duino forum.