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<title>Limit degrees of freedom in development</title>
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<meta property="og:description" content="William Narmontas describes how limiting yourself to one direction can help.">
<meta itemprop="description" content="William Narmontas describes how limiting yourself to one direction can help.">
<meta name="description" content="William Narmontas describes how limiting yourself to one direction can help.">
<meta name="twitter:description" content="William Narmontas describes how limiting yourself to one direction can help.">
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<article class="h-entry">
<h1 class="p-name">Limit degrees of freedom in development</h1>
<h2>By <a href="/" class="u-author">William Narmontas</a>, <a href="/1612/limit-degrees-of-freedom/" class="u-url"><time class="dt-published" datetime="2016-12-17T11:21:25.101Z">December 17, 2016</time></a></h2>
<p>This page can be <a href="">edited on GitHub</a>.</p>
<p>Original article at <a href="" class="u-syndication">Hacker Noon</a>.</p>
<section class="e-content">
<p>Potential degrees of freedom in what you are working on:</p>
<li>Not knowing the tools well enough</li>
<li>Not knowing the domain well enough</li>
<li>Not having a clear scope</li>
<li>Changing scope before a previous requirement is achieved.</li>
<p>Recently a colleague of mine was rewriting code from one language to another, and trying to make it add a new feature and trying to fix a bug in the domain logic. He was doing too much and making no progress.</p>
<p>Earlier in time, when I was learning Scala I was trying to implement a gaming statistics system with distributed facilities and all sorts of nice sweet ideas. But I got nowhere, so I kept for a while reducing and reducing my scope — to the point that only the immediate thing I am working on was the only degree of freedom to move in.</p>
<img src="move-in-one-direction.jpeg">
<figcaption>Easier to build a system that moves in one direction than in six.</figcaption>
<p>There’s a dual to this: if you are trying to meet too many constraints, then you’ll never get to a solution.</p>
<img src="math-helps.png">
<figcaption>Math helps</figcaption>
<p>What a <em>domain</em> is: it’s the business problem you’re trying to solve. An algorithm. A user interface. The user’s needs. Finance or eCommerce or media publishing or…</p>
<p>New domain and new tools? Can be quite confusing. So fix every variable but one.</p>
<blockquote><strong>If you want to learn a new tool, use the domains you already know.</strong></blockquote>
<blockquote><strong>If you want to solve in a new domain, use the tools you already know.</strong></blockquote>
<p>This is how I came up with the ‘<a href="/essential-sbt/">Essential SBT for Scala</a>’ guide to allow a newbie to get started with SBT and Scala with minimal Brownian motion.</p>