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Docker image to get quickly started with scala-native & SBT.

This image preloads:

  • CLang 3.8
  • SBT
  • scala-native essential dependencies

And runs Debian.

This image is used for scala-native-libpcap.


Assuming your scala-native project is at /source/project,

$ docker run -v /source/project:/p -it scalawilliam/scala-native-sbt
root@248baf99ddc2:/# cd /p
root@248baf99ddc2:/p# sbt '~run'

Compiling and running separately

root@248baf99ddc2:/p# sbt '~nativeLink'

And in another terminal:

$ docker exec -it 248baf99ddc2 /p/target/scala-2.11/p-out
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