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package main
import (
jwt ""
const (
scaledroneID = "YOUR_SCALEDRONE_ID" // 👈 PS! Replace this with your own channel ID 🚨
scaledroneSecret = "YOUR_SCALEDRONE_SECRET" // 👈 PS! Replace this with your own channel secret 🚨
port = ":8080"
func main() {
r := mux.NewRouter()
r.HandleFunc("/auth", auth).Methods("POST")
fmt.Printf("Server is running on localhost%s", port)
panic(http.ListenAndServe(port, r))
type customClaims struct {
Client string `json:"client"`
Channel string `json:"channel"`
Data userData `json:"data"`
Permissions map[string]permissionClaims `json:"permissions"`
type permissionClaims struct {
Publish bool `json:"publish"`
Subscribe bool `json:"subscribe"`
type userData struct {
Color string `json:"color"`
Name string `json:"name"`
func getRandomName() string {
adjs := []string{"autumn", "hidden", "bitter", "misty", "silent", "empty", "dry", "dark", "summer", "icy", "delicate", "quiet", "white", "cool", "spring", "winter", "patient", "twilight", "dawn", "crimson", "wispy", "weathered", "blue", "billowing", "broken", "cold", "damp", "falling", "frosty", "green", "long", "late", "lingering", "bold", "little", "morning", "muddy", "old", "red", "rough", "still", "small", "sparkling", "throbbing", "shy", "wandering", "withered", "wild", "black", "young", "holy", "solitary", "fragrant", "aged", "snowy", "proud", "floral", "restless", "divine", "polished", "ancient", "purple", "lively", "nameless"}
nouns := []string{"waterfall", "river", "breeze", "moon", "rain", "wind", "sea", "morning", "snow", "lake", "sunset", "pine", "shadow", "leaf", "dawn", "glitter", "forest", "hill", "cloud", "meadow", "sun", "glade", "bird", "brook", "butterfly", "bush", "dew", "dust", "field", "fire", "flower", "firefly", "feather", "grass", "haze", "mountain", "night", "pond", "darkness", "snowflake", "silence", "sound", "sky", "shape", "surf", "thunder", "violet", "water", "wildflower", "wave", "water", "resonance", "sun", "wood", "dream", "cherry", "tree", "fog", "frost", "voice", "paper", "frog", "smoke", "star"}
return adjs[rand.Intn(len(adjs))] + "_" + nouns[rand.Intn(len(nouns))]
func getRandomColor() string {
return "#" + strconv.FormatInt(rand.Int63n(0xFFFFFF), 16)
func auth(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
clientID := r.FormValue("clientID")
if clientID == "" {
http.Error(w, "No clientID defined", http.StatusUnprocessableEntity)
// public room
publicRoomRegex := "^observable-room$"
// private room of the request user
userPrivateRoomRegex := fmt.Sprintf("^private-room-%s$", clientID)
// private rooms of every user besides the request user
otherUsersPrivateRoomsRegex := fmt.Sprintf("^private-room-(?!%s$).+$", clientID)
claims := customClaims{
StandardClaims: jwt.StandardClaims{
ExpiresAt: time.Now().Add(time.Minute * 3).Unix(),
Client: clientID,
Channel: scaledroneID,
Data: userData{
Name: getRandomName(),
Color: getRandomColor(),
Permissions: map[string]permissionClaims{
publicRoomRegex: permissionClaims{ // public room
Publish: true, // allow publishing to public chatroom
Subscribe: true, // allow subscribing to public chatroom
userPrivateRoomRegex: permissionClaims{
Publish: false, // no need to publish to ourselves
Subscribe: true, // allow subscribing to private messages
otherUsersPrivateRoomsRegex: permissionClaims{
Publish: true, // allow publishing to other users
Subscribe: false, // don't allow subscribing to messages sent to other users
// Create a new token
token := jwt.NewWithClaims(jwt.SigningMethodHS256, claims)
// Sign the token with our secret
tokenString, err := token.SignedString([]byte(scaledroneSecret))
if err != nil {
http.Error(w, "Unable to sign the token", http.StatusUnprocessableEntity)
// Send the token to the user
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