@Soulou Soulou released this Jul 31, 2018 · 34 commits to master since this release

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  • [alerts] Add all command to CRUD alerts #346
     alerts          List the alerts of an application
     alerts-add      Add an alert to an application
     alerts-update   Update an alert
     alerts-enable   Enable an alert
     alerts-disable  Disable an alert
     alerts-remove   Remove an alert from an application
  • [notifiers] Add the ability to configure email notifiers with custom emails and collaborators #366
$ scalingo -a my-app notifiers-add --platform email --send-all-events --name email-notif-1 --email notifications@example.com --collaborator username1 --collaborator username2
| ID              | no-bd6ea457-ccf9-45c5-8767-04225fdb1018  |
| Type            | email                                    |
| Name            | email-notif-1                            |
| Enabled         | true                                     |
| Send all events | true                                     |
| Emails          | [notifications@example.com]              |
| User_ids        | [us-38246321-111f-4b54-a22c-12b04548c55f |
|                 | us-0784238c-b422-4a79-8760-f3ffbd10705c] |
  • [deployment] Add command to reset deployment cache #358
$ scalingo -a my-app deployment-delete-cache
-----> Deployment cache successfully deleted
  • [deployment] Fix deploy/deployments-follow log streaming when multiple deployments are running #359
  • [update] Add the ability to disable the update checker with the environment variable DISABLE_UPDATE_CHECKER=true #361
  • [global] Correctly display help when command syntax is not respected #367
  • [logs] Bugfix: consider Ctrl^C the default way to stop logs -f command, it's not an error #368

@Soulou Soulou released this Mar 29, 2018 · 71 commits to master since this release

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This release mostly changes internals of the CLI, as Scalingo authentication API has bee rewamped:

  • [Logs] accepts filter for postdeploy and one-off container
  • [Authentication] use of the new authentication API auth.scalingo.com, compatibility with 2 factor authentication

@Soulou Soulou released this Feb 28, 2018 · 91 commits to master since this release

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  • [Commands] Add rename command to rename an application
  • [One-off] Better inactivity timeout error message
  • [DB Console] Add support for TLS connection to databases
  • [Bugfix] Bad autocompletion on -a, --app, -r, --remote flags when they are the first argument of a command
  • [Bugfix] TTY size was not sent when launching a run command

@Soulou Soulou released this Aug 22, 2017 · 116 commits to master since this release

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  • [Mongo Console] Add replicaset support to correctly connect to them #306
  • [Notifiers] Add Notifiers related commands #303 #301 #297 #296:
     notifiers          List your notifiers
     notifiers-details  Show details of your notifiers
     notifiers-add      Add a notifier for your application
     notifiers-update   Update a notifier
     notifiers-remove   Remove an existing notifier from your app
  • [Notifications] Feature removed, replaced by notifiers, all the notifications have been migrated to notifiers #307
  • [Internals] Migrate to original urfave/cli instead of using our own fork of the library #290
  • [Update] Add timeout in update checking to avoid the CLI to freeze when GitHub is down for instance #274
  • [Auth] When authentication file is corrupted, recreate a new one instead of crashing #283
  • [Logs-archive] Logs archives are now listable and downloadable from the CLI #289
  • [Logs] Lines are now colored according to the source of the line #286
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  • [Feature] Add timeline and user-timeline to display per are of user-global activities #235
  • [Feature] Add list, remove and add commands for notifications
  • [Feature] Add deployments command to get the a deployments list for an application #222 #234
  • [Feature] Add deployment-logs command to get logs for a specific deployment
  • [Feature] Add deployment-follow command to follow the deployment stream for an application
  • [Feature - Login] Automatically try SSH with ssh-agent if available #262
  • [Feature - Create] --buildpack flag to specify a custom buildpack
  • [Fix] Fix error handling when an addon fails to get provisioned #252
  • [Fix] Fix error display when an application doesn't have any log available #249
  • [Fix] Fix error display when connection to the SSH server fails #242
  • [Fix] Password typing error on windows (ReadConsoleInput error) #237
  • [Fix] Login command logs twice #258

@Soulou Soulou released this Apr 1, 2016 · 343 commits to master since this release

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v1.3.0 - 01/04/2016

  • [Feature - Auth] Authentication with API key or SSH key (--ssh or --api-key flags) #196 #200
  • [Feature - Auth] New format of configuration file for authentication, auto migration. #200
  • [Feature - Scale] Possibility to scale with relative operator (i.e. web:+1) #197 #198
  • [Feature - Run] --type to directly run a command defined by a Procfile line #185 #207
  • [Feature - Run] --silent flag to remove any noise and only get the one-off command output #191
  • [Enhancement - Run] Display output on stderr to be able to drop it to /dev/null #190
  • [Enhancement - Run] Exit code of one-off container is now forward as exit code of the CLI #203 #205
  • [Bugfix - Stats] Fix computation of percentage for higher bound value
  • [Bugfix - Run] Accept pipes and redirections as input for one-off containers #199 #206
  • [Bugfix - Env] Remove arguments validation, that's server role, and it changes sometimes
  • [Bugfix - Env] Add quotes in output of env-set to avoid copy/paste problem with the final period
  • [Bugfix - Scale] Fix error management when application is already restarting or scaling #195
  • [Bugfix - Tunnel] Fix panic when authentication fails when building SSH tunnel
  • [Bugfix - Tunnel] Fix double error handling when binding local port #202
  • [Bugfix] Fix install script on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11


@Soulou Soulou released this Nov 20, 2015 · 378 commits to master since this release

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v1.2.0 - 20/11/2015

  • [Feature - DB Tunnel] Reconnect automatically in case of connection problem
  • [Feature - DB Tunnel] Default port at 10000, if not available 10001 etc.
  • [Feature - One-off] More verbose output and spinner when starting a one-off container #180 #184
  • [Feature - Logs] Automatically reconnect to logs streaming if anything wrong happen #182
  • [Feature] Add stats command to get containers CPU and memory metrics
  • [Bugfix] Fix delete command (app name wasn't read correctly) #177