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Scalingo Nginx buildpack

This buildpack aims at installing a nginx instance and let you configure it at your convenance.

Defining the version

By default we're installing the latest available version of Nginx, but if you want to use a specific version, you can define the environment variable NGINX_VERSION

$ scalingo env-set NGINX_VERSION=1.8.0


The buildpack is expecting a configuration file at the root of the project which can be:

  • nginx.conf: Simple configuration file
  • nginx.conf.erb: Template to generate the configuration file

If the template is found, it will be rendered as configuration file, it let you use environment variables as in the following examples.

Discouraged Directives

The following directives should not be used in you configuration file: listen, access_log, error_log and server_name.

Configuration examples

Split traffic to 2 APIs

location /api/v1 {

location /api/v2 {

Using a template to give the names of the app from the environment: nginx.conf.erb

location /api/v1 {
  proxy_pass <%= ENV["API_V1_BACKEND"] %>;

location /api/v2 {
  proxy_pass <%= ENV["API_V2_BACKEND"] %>;

Use nginx configuration: to get details about how to configure your app.

Advanced informations

The configuration file you have to provide is at the server level, if you need to add something at the http level, please open an issue or a pull request and we'll discuss it.