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Executable to test an addon web service for Scalingo
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Scalingo Addon API Tester tool

The goal of this tool is to help developers to test their Addon web service before deploying it in production to ensure it answers correctly to requests and to check if the manifest is correctly written.

The documentation of the expected API can be found on our API documentation website:


You need go to be installed on your computer

$ go get

The addon manifest

The tool is expecting a manifest.json in the current directory. The file should respect the format of the addon manifest documented here:

You can specify another path with the global flag: --manifest

$ scalingo-addon-api-tester --manifest provision


Provision an addon

$ scalingo-addon-api-tester provision [--plan <plan>] [--app <app>]

Both flags are optional, the tool is generating random app name if it is not specified on the command line, and the default plan is the first defined in your manifest.

Update an addon

$ scalingo-addon-api-tester update <id> --plan <plan>

Use an existing addon ID (use list command to get them) and make the request to the addon web server to update the plan of the resource.

Deprovision an addon

$ scalingo-addon-api-tester deprovision <id>

Make a request to deprovision an addon with the given ID

Helper commands

The command line is saving the history of your provisionning in a file ($HOME/.scalingo-addon-tester), and it implements different command to display those data.


$ scalingo-addon-api-tester provision
→ OK
$ scalingo-addon-api-tester list
- addon-1: free
$ scalingo-addon-api-tester update addon-1 --plan premium
→ OK
$ scalingo-addon-api-tester list
- addon-1: premium
$ scalingo-addon-api-tester deprovision addon-1
→ OK

List addons

$ scalingo-addon-api-tester list

Display all the addons which have been saved.

Purge addons

$ scalingo-addon-api-tester purge

If the database is completely invalid, just run the purge command, then the list command won't list anything anymore. Addons are not deprovisioned, this command is just a helper for this command line tool.

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