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Terraform OPA policies examples

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A sample collection of OPA policies to test against Terraform run in Scalr.


Policy Files

Each sample policy comprises 3 files.

  • *.rego: The OPA policy
  • *.mock.json: Input data for testing the policy with opa test
  • *.test.rego: Definition of the tests that opa test should run and expected results

Each folder also includes an example scalr-policy.hcl file. These files are used by Scalr to implement enforcement levels for each policy (hard-mandatory, soft-mandatory, advisory). See Enabling and Enforcing Policy for more details.

Policy Evaluation

You can evaluate a policy against your own terraform plans using the Terraform CLI and opa eval as follows.

$ terraform plan --out planfile
$ terraform show -json planfile > plan.json
$ opa eval --format pretty --data policy.rego -i plan.json data.terraform.deny


Summary descriptions of each policy. Detailed descriptions of each rule can be found as comments in the policy file. Many policies contain arrays of values that are checked against resources. The arrays and reason messages are of course customisable.

Policy Description
aws/enforce_aws_iam_and_workspace.rego Checks valid IAM roles for provider and workspace.
aws/enforce_aws_resource.rego Check resource types against an allowed list.
aws/enforce_cidr.rego Check security group CIDR blocks contain allowed CIDR's.
aws/enforce_ebs_del_on_term.rego Check delete_on_termination = true is set for EBS volumes.
aws/enforce_iam_instance_profiles.rego Check IAM instance profile is in allowed list.
aws/enforce_instance_subnets.rego Check instances are using allowed subnets
aws/enforce_kms_key_names.rego Check KMS keys (by name) against allowed list.
aws/enforce_lb_subnets.rego Check Loadbalancers are using allowed subnets
aws/enforce_s3_buckets_encryption.rego Check encryption is set for S3 buckets.
aws/enforce_s3_private.rego Check S3 buckets are not public.
aws/enforce_sec_group.rego Check security groups have been specified and are in allowed list.
aws/enforce_rds_subnets.rego Check RDS clusters are using allowed subnets
cost/limit_monthly_cost.rego Check estimated cost against an upper limit.
external_data/random_decision.rego Example of using external data (HTTP GET) in a policy.
gcp/enforce_gcs_private.rego Check GCS buckets are not public.
management/denied_provisioners.rego Checks provisioner types against an allowed list.
management/enforce_ami_owners.rego Checks AMI's being used belong to allowed list of AMI owners.
management/enforce_var_desc.rego Checks variables have descriptions.
management/instance_types.rego Checks instance types/sizes against allowed list. AWS, Azure and GCP.
management/resource_tags.rego Checks required tags are configured for all clouds.
management/whitelist_ami.rego Checks AMI against allowed list or configured from data source.
management/workspace_name.rego Simple example of using tfrun data and validating a workspace name.
management/workspace_destroy.rego Checks workspace has an active state and denies its destroy, if active state is present.
management/workspace_tags.rego Checks workspace is tagged with provider name.
modules/pin_module_version.rego Enforces use of specific module versions.
modules/required_modules.rego Checks resources are only be created via specific modules.
placement/cloud_location.rego Checks resources are deployed to specific regions in each cloud.
providers/blacklist_provider.rego Implements a provider blacklist.
user/user.rego Restricts which users can trigger terraform runs. Works for CLI and VCS.


We welcome contributions in many ways!

Report Bugs

Submit bug reports at

Be sure to include the following.

  • Link to the policy file.
  • The terraform plan data in JSON format you tested against.
  • The opa eval command used to reproduce the problem and it's output.

Feedback and Suggestions

Submit feed back and suggestions at

Be sure to include the following.

  • Detailed description of how you expect a policy to work.
  • Sample terraform plan data the policy should work against.

Pull Requests

Better still have a go at fixing bug or implementing new policy examples yourself and submit a Pull Request.

If you submit a new policy you must include the following files.

  • The *.rego file with the policy code.
  • *.mock.json containing test data mocks. You should include data for both valid and invalid evaluation of each rule in the policy.
  • *.test.rego defining the tests to be run and expected results when the PR checks are performed.

To submit a PR follow the standard process.

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Clone locally and create a new branch
  3. Commit and push
  4. Submit pull request

Before submitting the PR for the new policy or bug fix you should confirm it works using opa eval as shown above and validate the mock based tests work using opa test.

Example test

# opa test enforce_sec_group.* -v
data.terraform.test_valid: PASS (7.390418ms)
data.terraform.test_invalid: PASS (603.837µs)
data.terraform.test_missing: PASS (483.272µs)
PASS: 3/3


The examples are licensed under the MIT License.


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