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FROM node:4 as npmbuilder
RUN mkdir /src
COPY package.json /src
RUN npm install
COPY scanomatic/ui_server_data /src/scanomatic/ui_server_data
COPY webpack.config.js /src
COPY .babelrc /src
RUN npm run build
FROM ubuntu:16.04
RUN apt update && apt -y install python-pip
COPY requirements.txt /tmp/requirements.txt
RUN pip install -r /tmp/requirements.txt
RUN pip install gunicorn
COPY data/ /tmp/data/
COPY scripts/ /tmp/scripts/
COPY scanomatic/ /tmp/scanomatic/
COPY /tmp/
RUN mkdir /var/run/prometheus_multiproc
ENV prometheus_multiproc_dir=/var/run/prometheus_multiproc
COPY --from=npmbuilder /src/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/ccc.js /tmp/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/ccc.js
COPY --from=npmbuilder /src/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/scanning.js /tmp/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/scanning.js
COPY --from=npmbuilder /src/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/projects.js /tmp/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/projects.js
COPY --from=npmbuilder /src/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/statuspage.js /tmp/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/statuspage.js
COPY --from=npmbuilder /src/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/qc.js /tmp/scanomatic/ui_server_data/js/qc.js
RUN cd /tmp && python install
COPY scripts/ /
RUN chmod +x /
ENV PGPASSFILE=/etc/scanomatic/pgpass
CMD gunicorn \
--config python:scanomatic.ui_server.gunicorn_config \
--bind \
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