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Scan-o-matic was published in G3 September 2016.

If you are considering setting up Scan-o-matic at your lab, we would be very happy and would love to hear from you. But, before you decide on this, the Faculty of Science at University of Gothenburg has included Scan-o-matic among its high-throughput phenomics infrastructure and it is our expressed interest that external researchers come to us. If you are interested there's some more information and contact information here: The center for large scale cell based screeening. It is yet to become listed on the page, but don't worry, it will be part of the list.

Some studies using Scan-o-Matic

Add yours too if it is missing!

Also in the dissertation Tracking microbial growth and evolution at high-throughput.

Setting up Scan-o-Matic

Nowadays we ship images of Scan-o-Matic to Docker-Hub (link below). Search for how to install docker on your OS and follow those instructions as a first step.

Getting started

Scan-o-Matic is intended to be really easy to use in the lab.

Please have a look at our best-practices/basic protocol document

Information while using Scan-o-Matic


Quality control and export

Contributing to the development

Please use the following workflow

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