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Leaflet plugin to work with tansformed images. Transformation is defined by four anchor points on map, that correspond to corners of the image. Additionally image can be clipped by arbitrary polygon.



// TopLeft, TopRight, BottomRight, BottomLeft
var anchors = [
        [56.344, 136.595], 
        [56.344, 137.878],
        [55.613, 137.878],
        [55.613, 136.595]],
    clipCoords = [
        [56.301, 136.905],
        [56.150, 137.839],
        [55.639, 137.531],
        [55.788, 136.609],
        [56.301, 136.905]],
    transformedImage = L.imageTransform('img/image.jpg', anchors, { clip: clipCoords });

L.ImageTransform extends L.ImageOverlay.


new L.ImageTransform(url, anchors, options)
  • url - image URL
  • anchors - 4-elements array of <L.LatLng> points
  • options:
    • clip - array of <L.LatLng> points to clip transformed image. This polygon will be transformed along with image tranformation
    • disableSetClip - <boolean> if true setClip method disabled for performance (Default false).



Recalculate image transformation using new anchors. newAnchors is array with 4 L.LatLng points.


Update clip polygon. newClipPoints is array of L.latLng points. (Only for options.disableSetClip != true)


Returns coordinates of current clip polygon (array of L.LatLng). This array will be modified if image transform is changed.


The MIT License (MIT)