Sample Applications for the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK Module for Titanium
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Scandit Samples for Titanium

This repository contains sample applications that show how to use the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK together with Titanium.

Running and Building the Samples from the Command-Line

These instructions show how the sample application can be run from the command-line. First, you will have to download the titanium module for the Scandit BarcodeScanner SDK from the download page. Then execute the following commands on the command-line.

cd extended
appc new --name=ExtendedSample --id=com.scandit.test --import --no-services
appc alloy install plugin
# asumes that the packages have been downloaded to the Downloads folder. Adjust accordingly
unzip ~/Downloads/scandit-barcodescanner-titanium*.zip
appc run --platform=android --target=device

For iOS, you need to specify the provisioning profile (--pp-uuid) and developer name (--developer-name) for deploying to the device. The complete command will look something like this: appc run --platform=ios --target=device --developer-name='Your Name (LASW8D4321)' --pp-uuid='aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-eeeeeeeeeeee'. To figure out the parameters, just run it once without --developer-name and --pp-uuid options, which will prompt the available options. Depending on the Appcelerator version, you might need to create a special certificate to sign the application, because automatic signing is not supported. See this ticket for details.

The titanium version defaults to 7.0.2.GA. If you want to test with older versions, you will have to modify the sdk-version in tiapp.xml.

Useful Links