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Learning how to create, publish, share, program, pretty much everything about Notebooks
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Learning how to create, publish, share, program, pretty much everything about Notebooks. The current set under development here are all meant for use with Azure Data Studio and the Jupyter Notebook implementation there. I have no idea how well these will work in other tools.

Notebook Purposes and Descriptions

Introduction to Containers: A presentation on containers using a notebook to present from and to run all code samples from.

Python to Control Docker: Documentation of how I set up and manage Python in order to take control of Docker. This is built from the work I'm doing on the Introduction to Containers presentation.

Execution Plans: Chapters from my book on execution plans moved into a notebook so you can run the code from the book directly as you read.

Create Database: Not a notebook at all, but a set of scripts for a PostgreSQL database that I'm developing for demonstrations and tests. These are driven by accesss from Azure Data Studio through Notebooks, which is why I'm keeping it here.

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