Twitter Bots using mispy's twitter_ebooks framework
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Twitter Bots using mispy's framework

STEP 1 - Ruby

First you need to install Ruby. Best way is by downloading Railinstaller

STEP 2 - Setup

Go to Mispy's framework, and download the .ZIP via the download button on the right side.

On the side there is a tutorial for setting up your bot.

STEP 3 - Twitter Account

Create your bot's Twitter account. (You will need to confirm your email!)

Go to dev.twitter and log in with your new account.

Create a new app, go to 'Permissions' Tab and choose 'Read and Write'.

Go to the Tab 'API Keys' and here you can generate your access token.

Now copy 'API Key', 'API secret', 'Access token' and 'Access token secret', pass them into bots.rb as string into: (Don't share them with anybody)

  bot.consumer_key = "" # Your app consumer key
  bot.consumer_secret = "" # Your app consumer secret
  bot.oauth_token = "" # Token connecting the app to this account
  bot.oauth_token_secret = "" # Secret connecting the app to this account

STEP 4 - Bot's Code

Write your first bots code, just edit bots.rb, which requires a bit of coding knowledge. :)

Twitter Bot examples for this can also be found on Mispy's framework

STEP 5 - Heroku

Go to and create an account.

Install Heroku's Toolbelt Further Information

STEP 6 - First Bot on Heroku

Inside your generated folder with your code from STEP 2 and STEP 4 create a textfile and save it as xy.bat (name doesn't matter)

Double click the Batch file you just created and login to Heroku

Now type the following three commands:

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "init"

Create your app on heroku:

$ heroku create

Finally deploy your code online:

$ git push heroku master

Start its process manually in heroku by entering your app and dragging the dynos bar to 1 Or by typing this code: (easier)

$ heroku ps:scale web=1

STEP 7 - Updating your folder to Heroku

Open your .bat file again and type these commands in: (Info for Ruby on Heroku)

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "init"

$ git push heroku master

STEP 8 - Multiple Bots

This step is rather easy. Just make a new yourname.rb file and code your second/third etc. bot.

Open run.rb and add this line under 'require relative 'bots':

require relative 'yourname'