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Scash (SCS) Release v. 1.1.0

Staking=0 for pool operator

Scash is a peer-to-peer Proof of Stake Velocity digital currency with an initial Proof of Work mining distribution period lasting 1 000 000 Blocks. After the initial mining distribution period is over, the network will transition into an energy efficient Proof of Stake Velocity algorithm which will reward balance holders on the network a 10% staking annual interest.

Scash is based on the revolutionary ’Blockchain’ concept but has added some very simple and clever layers of communication and a sophisticated off-blockchain coin mixing system making it impossible for 3rd parties to trace transactions between Scash wallets

Specification Total coins: 5 249 750 SCS PoW timespan: 1 000 000 blocks Algorithm: x13 Pre-mine 5%, for rewards PoW block reward: 5 SCS PoS 10% PoS minimum stake age: 1 hours, 4 hours Block time: 60 seconds Fast, Private, Secure, Untraceable and Decentralized

Port 35334 RPCport 35333

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