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Scavix Software Web Development Framework
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Scavix Software Web Development Framework

The Scavix Software Web Development Framework has been build to assist developers in creating rich web applications.
It's the foundation of all functionalities we need in our daily work so that we don't need to reinvent the wheel for each new customer project. It provides you with everything you need from the database access layer to the UI development so that you can focus on the business logic of the application without loosing yourself in the thousands of baby-steps that need to be implemented for every project.
To give you a quick start, here's a nice article over at codeproject describing how to use this framework: Ultra-Rapid PHP Application Development


/netbeans/ Contains a NetBeans project for the contents of the /web/ folder
/tools/ Currently only contains PhpTracer which is a tool to monitor logfiles, written in C#
/web/documentor/ An app, we use this to create the API reference documentation
/web/sample_blog/ A sample blog application using the WebFramework
/web/sample_shop/ A sample shop application using the WebFramework
/web/sample_chart/ A sample on how to show charts in your application based on the WebFramework
/web/system/ The framework code (as submodule)


Just clone the scavix-wdf code from or directly add it as submodule to your git repo.


API reference documentation
Basic usage: Ultra-Rapid PHP Application Development
A real world sample: Easily implementing your own online shop
Upgrading projects to PHP namespaces: An easy solution

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