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Release v1.0.0

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@pabsilva pabsilva released this 31 May 22:51
· 76 commits to main since this release

Additions and bug fixes:

    • Replaced all sample project textures to ensure only CC0-licensed resources were used.
    • Replaced commercial versions of DigitalRune dependencies with their open source versions.
    • Adopted semantic versioning from this version on.
  • FIXED:
    • Sceelix Designer process would not close properly under some Windows versions.
    • Surface inversion would not properly calculate minimum and maximum values before the inversion, hence producing incorrect results.
    • "Early Access" denomination is no longer used.
    • Authentication and registration processes/windows, since Sceelix accounts are no longer needed for use.
    • EULA acceptance window, since Sceelix has moved to Open Source licenses.
    • Feedback submission window, since email support is no longer available
    • Deprecated nodes from previous versions have been definitely removed.