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Yet Another ROM Hacking Library
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Yarhl: Yet Another ROM Hacking Library GPL v3 License

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Yarhl is a library for ROM Hacking and fan-translation projects. It provides a virtual file system, file format and format conversion features and plugin support. It's built in C# / .NET and works in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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Check our on-line API overview: Mastering Yarhl and the API documentation here.


Stable releases are available from

Alpha releases can be found in this GitHub package repository.


Since the unit tests are valited against .NET Core and .NET Framework or Mono both runtime must be installed on the machine.

Linux & Mac OS X

Requirements: Mono and .NET Core.

  1. Clone the repository.

  2. Run ./


Requirements: .NET Framework and .NET Core.

  1. Clone the repository. You can use the GitHub client or the command-line.

  2. Run .\build.ps1

You can also validate a Linux build using Docker with: docker build .

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