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cp -r different on macos and linux (!)

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jamesroutley committed Jul 20, 2017
1 parent a82fd64 commit 91dc1c64056e190912577ba9c354092798589879
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@@ -88,12 +88,9 @@ docs-api:
sphinx-apidoc -o docs/_api sceptre
$(MAKE) -C docs/_api clean
$(MAKE) -C docs/_api html
mkdir -p docs/docs/api
rm -rf docs/docs/api/_static
# mkdir -p docs/docs/api/_static/
# cp -r docs/_api/_build/html/_static docs/docs/api/
# rm -f docs/docs/api/sceptre.html
cp -r docs/_api/_build/html/ docs/docs/api/
rm -rf docs/docs/api/
cp -r docs/_api/_build/html docs/docs/
mv docs/docs/html docs/docs/api

docs-latest: docs-api
$(MAKE) -C docs build-latest

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