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Python script to remotely turn on your Xbox One
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Please go to for continued development of this and much more.

This is a little script that can turn your Xbox One on remotely. It works over both LAN and WAN, provided you have port 5050 forwarded to your Xbox One.

If you're looking for a complete SmartGlass implementation, take a look at OpenXbox/xbox-smartglass-core-python.

How to use

You need three things for this to work:

  • Python 2 or 3 installed
  • IP address of your Xbox One
  • Live device ID of your Xbox One

To find the IP of your Xbox, go to Settings -> Network -> Advanced settings. To find your Live device ID, go to Settings -> System -> Console info. NOTE: It's probably a good idea to keep this information a secret!

If you want to use this over the internet, you'll also need port 5050 forwarded to your Xbox One.

Run the script as follows, replacing with the IP of your Xbox and with your Live device ID.

python -a <ip address> -i <live id>

Alternatively, you can also run the script without any arguments and you'll be prompted for the IP and Live device ID.


There is also a "fire and forget" BAT script and shell script available. You will need to edit these files first and enter your IP and Live device ID before they will work.

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