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I'm encountering an issue with the boxsizing fix. When applied to all elements using * { ... } IE7 is crashing. If I apply to only one element that uses box sizing it will render fine. The more I add it to the slower the browser gets until it crashes.

I can't replicate the issue using IEtester or forcing IE to render in IE7 mode on windows 7. Can only see it happen on windows XP with IE7.

I also ran the same tests on another project using the fix and found the same issue. The only thing the two had in common was they use zurb's foundation. Also, I ran the test on a VM box outside of our network with same results.

I'm still trying to work toward a solution but hoping someone here may be able to offer assistance trouble shooting and coming to a solution.



I am also using Zurb Foundation along with this polyfill and can confirm the same crashing. When using a VM and ie compatibility mode, ie7 is fine. But, when using Browser Stack i fill up with errors and crashes using xp and ie7.


Yep, also running into this on IE7/XP.


I'm having the exact same problem using zurb foundation, IE7 / XP.


I also have this problem in IE7/XP, also using Zurb Foundation -- However, even if I turn off all Zurb Javascript, I still get this error, which makes me think it may be some weird CSS conflict. Although it also looks like a memory leak of some sort? When you check the Windows Task Manager, you can see a memory usage spike until the program is unusable.


I have the same problem on IE7/XP.


This IE7/XP crash happens to me as well in my latest project, but I am not using Foundation. The crash disappears when I comment out the polyfill.


Just found this thread. Also having a problem with IE7/XP generating an error and using 100% CPU using Zurb Foundation with polyfill.


Hey everyone, just a heads up that maybe this will solve all your did for me anyway.

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