Get information about your steemit earnings.
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Get information about your steemit earnings.

Using nodeJS

Install the required packages of the program

For implementation I used several node packages :

  • steem: The steem JS API
  • fs: To create the output files
  • bluebird: Fully featured promises library
  • node-fetch: Brings 'window.fetch' to Node.js
  • cryptocompare-api: Get exchange rates for crypto and FIAT currencies

Just execute the following command to install all required packages for the program.

npm install

get claimed rewards and transfers

Use the 'get-claimed-rewards.js' script to get your claimed rewards and transfers from your steemit account and export it to a html and a csv file.

node get-claimed-rewards.js schererf

The following files will be created:

  • steemit-earnings.js-schererf.html
  • steemit-earnings.js-schererf.csv
  • steemit-earnings-schererf-cointracking.csv


The HTML file contains a formatted table that includes all rewards and transfer of the specified account.


The CSV file contains a list of all rewards and transfer of the specified account. This file provides a optimal basis for further processing with a spreadsheet software like Excel.


The CSV file contains a list of all rewards and transfer of the specified account. You can use this file to import your steem transactions to CoinTracking (

Offline HTML UI for getting claimed rewards and transfers directly from your browser

Using the 'ui/steemit-earnings.html' enables you to get your steemit earnings without the installation of nodejs.

  1. Open the 'ui/steemit-earnings.html' HTML file directly with the browser of your choice
  2. The UI first tries to update the underlying exchange rates. The steem/mvest-values are not updated automatically because of CORS the access to '' is denied for the browser.
  3. Enter the steemit account name and click 'get earnings' to load the claimed_rewards and transfers of the account
  4. The steemit earnings are shown directly in the browser and two csv files are created automatically for download.

Update included exchange-rate and steem/mvests data via nodejs

A bunch of exchange-rate and steem/mvests data is already included via github sources. To update and complement the data you can use the following CLI tools.

Update exchange-rate values using 'cryptocompare API'

node cli/update-exchangerates.js

Update steem/mvests values using ''

node cli/update-steem-per-mvests.js