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An open-source HTML5 implementation of a springboard with icons that will play speech.

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An open-source HTML5/CSS3 implementation of a soundboard with icons that will play speech through the HTML5 audio API. Inspired by the force-removal of SpeakForYourself from the apple appstore due to a patent claim on 12 year old patent that defines a 'method to reorder speech tiles on a predefined grid'


Currently i'm trying to get the project into a state where we can have an actual demo of what an HTML5 soundboard would look like, implementing features that I see in other speech synthesisers and in SfY

Currently working are:

  • Works on IOS, Android and Chrome
  • Automated initial config
  • Multiple soundboards with words
  • Re-ordering words within a soundboard
  • Play around mode for touch-and-play, build phrase mode
  • Custom touch handler that determines touchtarget on mouseup instead of mousedown (for people that have proplems pointing)

In the works:

  • Make a predefined grid
  • Make option to hide words from soundboards
  • Allow the user to set icon, backgroundcolor, size of a tile
  • Implement a default image database with meaningful icons for words

Known bugs:

  • Phrase mode works a bit crappy due to onended events not firing on in tablets
  • Overflow not supported on small screens (should we want this, even?)


  • Automatically save new phrases to audio dir and re-use?
  • cache manifest generation
  • a little backend with useraccounts to sync data from and to? (opens up possibility for hosted service)
  • translation
  • more voices / pitch control on alternative TTS services?

Getting started

  • Clone this project to a webserver supporting at least static html
  • Open index.html
  • Your default database will be filled, and you're ready to go and play around with the default dataset
  • For using google translate services, PHP is required with "allow_url_fopen = On" in php.ini


  • Use audio/words.txt + speechgen.php to generate your own wordlist
  • use audio/insert.php to insert them into the sqlite db, and dump this to db.sqlite.sql
  • make sure to chmod 0775 /db.sqlite.sql and db.sqlite
  • the project uses Mootools for base JS functions

The default database contains a list of words grabbed from google translate:

More info

More to come soon. Keep an eye on Project Maya via Hacker News:

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