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Note If you encounter any problems with this plugin, try an earlier version by choosing one from this link.


XSIZETools is an addon for Softimage with full export and import of 3D .msh files for ZeroEngine (Star Wars Battlefront I and II). That includes geometry, materials with all ZeroEngine-specific flags, animations, collisions and simulated cloth.

In general, important updates will be gathered into a release, so choosing the latest release should give you the latest working features. Alternatively you can download the most recent commit directly with the "Download ZIP" button.

For more information on usage go to the XSIZETools homepage.

If you encounter bugs or have problems, feel free to post on the Gametoast forums (you might need to use a proxy) or send me a mail via Github.


To use XSIZETools you need the following:

  1. Choose one of the releases from here and download it.

  2. If you don't have a Softimage version of 2011 or higher, download and install python and pywin32 (pywin32 must be version 217).

  3. Download and install the Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. Download both versions by selecting the format and activating the Download button. If the page doesn't automatically navigate to the Visual C++ 2015 redist select Tools for Visual Studio 2015 on the left and then choose Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable.

  4. Unzip the downloaded archive into C:/users/%user%/Autodesk/Softimage_%version%/Addons/ or C:/users/%user%/Softimage/Softimage_%version%/Addons/. In the end, the directory including, xsizet.ver, etc should be C:/Users/%user%/Autodesk/Softimage_2015/Addons/xsizetools/.

Building from source

Currently the solution is set up to use two installations of Softimage (one for x64, one for x86) with the corresponding XSISDK.

Modify setup_86.bat and setup_64.bat to point it to the correct SDK paths (XSISDK_ROOT) and setenv.bats. After that, use setup_86.bat to compile the x86 version and setup_64.bat to compile the 64 version.