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(Should be pro-urf-builds, but we made this before the URF detail change.)

Live demo:

Contest Submission for the 2015 Riot Games API Challenge. Developers:

  • Allisa Schmidt (Tweeks, NA): Front-end design and development, art;
  • Russ Milne (teh crust, NA): Data scraping, data aggregation.


MongoDB and pip must be installed. The following python modules must be installed via pip:

  • django
  • pymongo (mongoengine doesn't work with pymongo 3.0)
  • mongoengine
  • django-cache-utils
  • django-bootstrap3
  • RiotWatcher
  • requests

sudo pip install django pymongo==2.8 mongoengine django-cache-utils RiotWatcher requests django-bootstrap3



Pro Urf Builds uses the Django web framework and Bootstrap css/js framework. The website art was created with Paint.NET.

A few utility scripts can be found in builds/lib/

  • - translates back-end data into front-end friendly dictionaries
  • - little API to get static images from Riot's Data Dragon service
  • - tiny API to run pertinent Riot API requests

The app also expects there to be a python file named under builds/lib/ with the following content:

APIKEY = [your riot api key]


Due to timing, the front end CSS and templates are definitely not as clean as they could be. Refining those would make the app much more scaleable.


Data Collection

A series of quick and dirty python scripts retrieved the URF games from the URF endpoint


  • - periodically pulled the gameid data from the challenge endpoint
  • - insert the json files from and insert them into mongodb
  • - watch the games collection in mongo and populate the match collection using the match API endpoint with RiotWatcher api library


Using MongoDb's mapReduce aggregation the match data was combined by champion and item statistics to provide django a set of aggregated data to form the builds and item statistics per champion


The data collection scripts need a rewrite into a clean service or cron command which in turn could trigger the aggregation. Aggregation on an ongoing basis could be modified to use an incremental approach.