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activeTAPI-DyNav Setup and Tools

The activeTAPI-DyNav Components are the binary part and they must be installed on every machine which is going to use Windows-TAPI (CTI). The activeTAPI-Components are the bridge between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Windows-TAPI.

Download and install: activeTAPI.COM-DyNav_Setup.msi

Check Windows-TAPI connection

Once this is done, you should first check Windows-TAPI is setup correctly. To do this, run the activeTAPI-Simple Dialer application from Start-Menu. And verify that ...

  1. you can see the expected telephony devices,
  2. you can use the Simple Dialer for outbound dialing,
  3. you can see inbound telephone numbers

Then, you can continue and install the NAV-Objects to connect telephony with NAV.

Note: Windows-TAPI itself is another bridge between your Windows Machine and the telephony hardware. To make Windows-TAPI work you must have a Windows-TAPI (CTI) driver installed for the telephony hardware. Please refer to your CTI hardware vendor for more information regarding that.


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