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Fly-Pie is an extension for GNOME Shell which lets you open marking menus via keyboard shortcuts. And — to the best of my knowledge — it is the first GNOME Shell extension with achievements! 🏆

You can use it to launch applications, simulate hotkeys, open URLs and much more. It features a continuous learning curve which lets you gradually lift-off from a grumpie menu rookie to a snappie menu pielot. (You got it? Like pilot, but with a 🍰). Once you opened a marking menu, you can seamlessly transition between three alternative selection modes:

  • Point-and-Click: Select items by clicking on them or anywhere in the corresponding wedges.
  • Marking-Mode: Select items by drawing gestures. To do this, click anywhere and drag your mouse. Pausing or making a turn selects the currently dragged item.
  • Turbo-Mode: You can also "draw" gestures while holding Ctrl, Shift, or Alt without having to press your mouse button! This is especially useful when you opened the menu with a shortcut involving such a modifier.

Do you want to learn more? Have a look at the usage guide!

❤️ Will you love Fly-Pie?

Fly-Pie is designed for you if you have one hand at the mouse most of the time. It is not designed to be used with a keyboard only; there are other applications which work better in this case (for example kupfer). Fly-Pie also works nicely with touch input.

If you want to learn more, use the links below for much more information!

Getting Started

Contributing to Fly-Pie

Additional Information

💞 These people do love Fly-Pie

While coding new features or translating Fly-Pie is the most awesome way to contribute, providing financial support will help me stay motivated to invest my spare time to keep the project alive in the future.

🥇 Current Gold Sponsors

Maxence Sebald
Dennis ten Hoove

🥈 Current Silver Sponsors

Jorge Castro

🥉 Current Bronze Sponsors

Angel Brielez

🏅 Previous Sponsors and One-Time Donators


Do you want to show that you love it too? You may become a sponsor for as little as 1$ / month! If you like this extension, you may also want to try one of my other extensions: 🧊 Desktop-Cube or 🔥 Burn-My-Windows!