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A composable SQL query builder using template literals
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Cuery - Composable SQL Querying build status

A composable SQL query builder based inspired by styled-components 💅

In 2016, I wrote a blog post about composing SQL queries and published this library as a reference. The years passed, and there are much cooler ways of doing it, so this is the new way - using template literals.


yarn add cuery pg
# or
npm install --save cuery pg


import { sql, execute } from "cuery";

const usersQuery = sql`SELECT * FROM users`;
const usersWithNameQuery = sql`
  SELECT * FROM (${usersQuery})
  WHERE name = ${params =>}

execute(usersWithNameQuery, { name: "John" }); // => Promise(<all the users named "John">)


You can declare helper methods that do magic on your queries, like limit:

const limit = query =>
    SELECT *
    FROM (${query}) limited_query_${Math.floor(Math.random() * 100000)}
    LIMIT ${p => p.limit}
    OFFSET ${p => p.offset}

// then you can just compose your queries!

const users = sql`SELECT * FROM users`;
const usersWithLimit = users.compose(limit); // or limit(users)
execute(usersWithLimit, { limit: 10, offset: 10 }); // start with offset of 10, then take 10 records.

Running tests

  • set the DATABASE_URL env variable for your PostgreSQL server - defaults to node-postgres' default
  • yarn test
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