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PRs: Look for Labels

An experimental GitHub app written in pure ReasonML (or... OCaml!) It looks up for labels with PR: prefix (for autogenerating changelogs for yoshi) and adds a status for the project.

Under the hood

This project uses Reason with the native OCaml toolchain to product a statically built binary. In Dockerfile you can see that we're using plain alpine linux image to run the server, resulting in a small image footprint (~16mb).

Deployment on Heroku

  • Create a github app, generate the private token and save it as github.private-token.pem

  • Deploy with Heroku containers:

    # from the repo root
    heroku login
    heroku create
    heroku config:set GITHUB_APP_ID <YOUR_GITHUB_APP_ID>
    heroku container:push web
    heroku container:release web
    heroku open
  • Optional: you can set a webhook secret by setting the GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET environment variable:

    heroku config:set GITHUB_WEBHOOK_SECRET this-is-my-wonderful-secret-key


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