Enable Mattermost notifications for Q2A
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Enable Mattermost notifications for Q2A v0.4 This plug-in was derived from the HipChat plug-in for Q2A by jhubert (https://github.com/jhubert/qa-hipchat-notifications).

Mattermost post!

Current features

  • you add several web hooks to post into different channels.
  • for each web hook you can filter what tags or categories you want to be notified of. * means all (no filter)
  • Post includes author (full name (Warnung)), title, text, tags and category
  • Mattermost post links directly to the question
  • tags and category are links to the page of questions with this tag/category
  • Shows q2a avatar as author icon
  • Currently only new questions get posted to Mattermost

Q2A settings page

Open topics

  • Post to Mattermost if a question has been answered for the first time to indicate that you don't need to look at it anymore.
  • Support special characters (like äöü) correctly. At the moment Mattermost is displaying them wrong.