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School Idol API - Accounts endpoint

See also: Full API Documentation


Name Type Example / Note
:white_check_mark: id Int 1
:white_check_mark: owner String "db0"
nickname String "デビ"
friend_id Int 737445774
:white_check_mark: language Languages choices "JP"
center Mini center object
starter Mini starter object
rank Int 251
ranking String 1
:white_check_mark: os OS choices "Android"
device String "Nexus 5"
play_with Play with choices "Other"
accept_friend_requests Boolean false
verified Verified choices 2
:white_check_mark: website_url URL "http://schoolido.lu/user/db0/#1"
creation Date yyyy-MM-dd "2014-05-30"
default_tab Account tab choices "album"
items Items object
fake Boolean false
Mini center object
Name Type Example Note
id Int 199 Owned card object id
card String 453 Card of owned card id
card_text String "#453 Minami Kotori SR"
attribute Attribute choices "Smile"
round_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/453RoundKotori.png"
Mini starter object
Name Type Example Note
id Int 35
card_text String "#35 Koizumi Hanayo R"
attribute Attribute choices "Smile"
round_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/35RoundHanayo.png"
Items object
Name Type Example Note
tickets Int 12 Scouting tickets
g Int 350 G coins
vouchers Int 4 Blue tickets
loveca Int 49
friend_points Int 1200
bought_loveca Int 200
money_spent Int 114 Approximation of money spent in $ depending on the total number of bought loveca
  • language: JP, EN, KR, CN, TW
  • os: Android, iOs
  • play with: Thumbs, Fingers, Index, Hand, Other
  • verified: 0 (not verified), 1 (silver verified), 2 (gold verified), 3 (bronze verified)
  • account tabs: deck, album, teams, events, wishlist, presentbox


Get the list of accounts

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/accounts/

Paginated array of Account object

Optional parameters for filtering
Name Value Note
search Free search term, break terms with spaces. Will search through owner username, nickname and device
owner__username Exact value
nickname Exact value
language Exact value
center__card_id ID of the card of the center (not owned card ID)
friend_id Exact value
os Exact value
device Exact value
play_with Exact value
verified Exact value (Verified choices)
minimum_rank Int
maximum_rank Int
rank Exact value
owner_preferences__best_girl Exact value
owner__preferences__color Exact value
owner__preferences__status Exact value
center_card_attribute Exact value
center__card__rarity Exact value
accept_friend_requests True or False
has_friend_id True or False
owner__preferences__private True or False
is_verified True or False Silver or gold
Optional parameters to get more data
Name Note
expand_owner Will return the full User object in the owner field. Much slower.

Get an account by id

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/accounts/{id}/

Account object


See Get the list of accounts.

Authenticated methods

See also: Authentication

Edit an account

PATCH http://schoolido.lu/api/accounts/{account id}/

Account object

POST parameters
Name Value Note
nickname Exact value (string)
friend_id Exact value (int)
accept_friend_requests Exact value (True or False)
device Exact value (string)
play_with Exact value (Play with choices)
language Exact value (Language choices)
os Exact value (OS choices)
center Exact value id of the owned card
rank Exact value (int)
starter Exact value id of the card, starter cards only
loveca Exact value (int)
friend_points Exact value (int)
g Exact value (int)
tickets Exact value (int)
vouchers Exact value (int)
bought_loveca Exact value (int)