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School Idol API - Cards endpoint

See also: Full API Documentation


Name Type Example Note
:white_check_mark: id Int 136
:white_check_mark: idol Mini idol object To get the full Idol Object, use the parameter expand_idol (much slower).
:white_check_mark: rarity Rarity choices "SR"
:white_check_mark: attribute Attribute choices "Pure"
japanese_collection String "動物編"
translated_collection Localized string "Animal"
japanese_attribute String "ピュア"
is_promo Boolean false
promo_item String "limited ed. S1 BD vol. 1"
promo_link URL "http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/aff/click.cgi/PytJTGW7Lok/5590/A364348/product%2FBCXA-890"
release_date Date yyyy-MM-dd "2013-08-20"
japan_only Boolean false
event Mini event object To get the full Event Object, use the parameter expand_event (much slower)
is_special Boolean false
hp Int At level 1
minimum_statistics_smile String 2850
minimum_statistics_pure String 3450
minimum_statistics_cool String 2660
non_idolized_maximum_statistics_smile String 3680
non_idolized_maximum_statistics_pure String 4280
non_idolized_maximum_statistics_cool String 3490
idolized_maximum_statistics_smile String 3960
idolized_maximum_statistics_pure String 4560
idolized_maximum_statistics_cool String 3770
skill Skill choices "Score Up"
japanese_skill String "不思議なシンパシー" Skill/Card name
skill_details String "For every 33 perfects, there is a 36% chance of increasing players score by 625 points. (Level 1)"
japanese_skill_details String "PERFECTを33回達成するごとに36%の確率でスコアが625増える"
center_skill String "Pure Heart"
center_skill_details Localized string "Pure increases (+6%)"
japanese_center_skill String "ピュア エンジェル"
japanese_center_skill_details String "ピュアPがUPする(+6%)"
card_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/136Hanayo.png"
card_idolized_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/136idolizedHanayo.png"
round_card_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/136RoundHanayo.png"
round_card_idolized_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/136RoundIdolizedHanayo.png"
video_story URL "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfjXR2rfn-Q"
japanese_video_story URL "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIy_bQgKxvM"
:white_check_mark: website_url URL "http://schoolido.lu/cards/136/SR-Koizumi-Hanayo-Animal-event-Pure/"
non_idolized_max_level Int 60
idolized_max_level Int 80
transparent_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/transparent/136Transparent.png"
transparent_idolized_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/transparent/136idolizedTransparent.png"
clean_ur URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/web/static/cards/ur_pairs/280EliCleanUR.png"
clean_ur_idolized URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/web/static/cards/ur_pairs/280EliCleanURIdolized.png"
skill_up_cards Array of Tiny card for skill up
ur_pair UR pair object UR pair object
total_owners Int 98
total_wishlist Int 158
ranking_attribute Int 14 14th best Smile card
ranking_rarity Int 14 14th best UR Smile card
ranking_special Int 5 5th best event Smile card / 5th best promo Smile card
Mini idol object
Name Type Example
:white_check_mark: name String "Koizumi Hanayo"
school String "Otonokizaka Academy"
year Localized string "Third"
main_unit String "μ's"
japanese_name String "小泉花陽"
sub_unit String "Printemps"
Mini event object
Name Type Example
:white_check_mark: japanese_name String "初めましてのHappy tune"
english_name String "My First Happy Tune"
translated_name Localized string (only when the language is not en) "Mijn Eerste Vrolijke Deuntje"
image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/events/初めましてのHappy_tune.jpg"
Tiny card for skill up
Name Type Example
id Int 28
round_card_image URL "http://i.schoolido.lu/cards/28RoundHonoka.png"
UR pair object
Name Type Example
Name Value type
attribute String
round_card_image String
id String
name String
"Sonoda Umi"
reverse_display_idolized String true
reverse_display String true
  • rarity: N, R, SR, UR
  • attribute: Smile, Pure, Cool, All
  • skill: Score Up, Healer, Perfect Lock, Perfect Charm, Rhythmical Charm, Timer Yell, Timer Charm, Rhythmical Yell, Total Charm, Total Trick, Perfect Yell, Total Yell, Timer Trick


Get the list of cards

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/cards/

Paginated array of Card object

Optional parameters for filtering
Name Value Note
search Free search term, break terms with spaces. Will search through name, japanese_name, skill, japanese_skill, skill_details, japanese_skill_details, center_skill, japanese_center_skill, japanese_center_skill_details, japanese_collection, promo_item, event__english_name, event__japanese_name
ids List of card ids separated with a comma
name Exact value Allow multiple values with a comma: Kousaka Honoka,Koizumi Hanayo
japanese_name Exact value Of the idol in the idol object
rarity Exact value Allow multiple values separated with a comma: SR,UR
attribute Exact value
japanese_collection Exact value
hp Exact value
skill Exact value
center_skill Exact value
translated_collection Exact value has to be in English
idol_year Exact value
idol_main_unit Exact value Allow multiple values separated with a comma: μ's,A-RISE
idol_sub_unit Exact value
idol_school Exact value
event_japanese_name Exact value
event_english_name Exact value
ur_pair_name Exact value
japan_only True or False
is_promo True or False
is_special True or False
is_event True or False
Optional parameters to get more data
Name Note
expand_idol Will return the full Idol object in the idol field. Much slower.
expand_event Will return the full Event object in the event field. Much slower.

Get a card by id

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/cards/{id}/

Card object


See Get the list of cards.

Get only card ids

GET http://schoolido.lu/api/cardids/

This endpoint allows you to get only the card ids instead of the whole card objects. It's not paginated, so you get all the results at once. All search, filter and order parameters of Get the list of cards work here as well.

Full API Documentation

Handling combined events in English version

Cards not only contain an event field, but also an other_event field. This corresponds to the event in which the card has been released in English version.

When you filter the cards of an event, it will filter through event and other_event.

For example, if you filter the cards of the event Medley Festival Round 6, you will get 4 results: the N and SR of the original Japanese Event, and the N and SR that were added to that event in the English version.

  • If you only want to consider the events of the Japanese version, make sure you only show the cards that have this event in event, and ignore the ones that don't. Ignore other_event in general.
  • If you only want to consider the events of the English version, since some events are going to be skipped (in our example, Medley Festival Round 7 will never happen in English version), you can either check that english_beginning is in the event, or you can filter using the English name of the event - Round 6 MEDLEY FESTIVAL for example.
  • If you want to consider both, just make sure you show a visible sign that the card is only in the event for the English version. Example