How to enter a transfer code?

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If there is no account running in the game:

  • Go to "Data transfer" (データ引き継ぎ)

data transfer transfer option

  • Enter the transfer code

enter transfer

  • If you see this screen, it just means the old account on the game has been taken somewhere else. First button is to contact klabs, second is restart the game with a new account. lost account

If there is an account running in the game:

  • Make sure you generate a transfer code for this account if you don't want to lose it
  • Go to "Other" (その他) then "Settings" (各種設定)

  • First tab "Account" (アカウント), use the button "Enter" (入力)

What should I do after I enter a new transfer code?

First, generate a new one and save it right away. Then go to your settings and change them to what you like. Whenever your account is transferred, your settings are reset.