I saved my transfer code on School Idol Tomodachi but I can't find it anymore?

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Admins don't have access to the transfer codes and can't delete or edit them.

Here are a list of reasons why you might not be able to find it:

1 - You don't know where it is.

If you saved it in your account, you should be able to retrieve it on the same page where you saved it. Here is how:

  • On the top bar of the site, click on your username
  • Click on "Edit your accounts"
  • Click on the account you want
  • Scroll to the section with the title "Get your saved transfer code"
  • Type your password and click the blue button

2 - You reset your password.

Your transfer code is encrypted with your password for security reasons (to protect it in case the site gets attacked).

If you forget your password, it is not possible to decrypt it. That's why when you reset your password using the procedure by email, all your transfer codes encrypted with this password get lost.

Note that if you have saved transfer codes in your account, you will get a warning and have to explicitly accept that you're not going to be able to retrieve them anymore.

3 - You saved something else than your transfer code.

Some browsers might autocomplete the field with your transfer code and replace it with something else when you try to save it. We are not responsible for this.

4 - You saved something else on top of your transfer code.

Only one transfer code can be stored per account. If you re-fill the form to save your transfer code with something else and check the box that says "Delete previously saved transfer code", you will not be able to get your old transfer code.

5 - You saved it before September 4th and didn't log in the website between September 4th and November 5th.

After multiple warnings by email and on all our social medias, we deleted the unencrypted transfer codes for security reasons. We have a local copy somewhere safe, so contact us to get it back.

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