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A little script to let you handle when your camera (or microphone!) turns on and off.

Usage (with example script)

./camera_status | ./example

This command will not exit, as the camera_status script is designed to run as a daemon. To fully exercise this, open and close an application like Photo Booth that uses your camera.

Writing your own script

The camera_status script spits 1s and 0s out to STDOUT. If you write your own script (starting from the example script is a great way to get started), pipe camera_status to that script, and read those 1s and 0s from your own script. Each will be terminated by a line ending.

Launchd support

To add On-Air to launchd for your machine, run the generate script with the name (or relative path) of your custom script, then add the filled-in launchd.plist as normal. For example, to integrate the example script with launchd, run:

$ ./generate example
$ launchctl load launchd.plist

That's it! At that point, the example script should be plugging away, writing its example output to.../dev/null. (If you want to change that and see it in action, just change the Standard*Path options in the generated plist.)

Start on Login

To start On-Air whenever you log in, you'll need to add the same plist to ~/Library/LaunchAgents. From the on-air directory:

ln -sf $(pwd)/launchd.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.schoonology.on-air.plist


A little script to let you handle when your camera turns on and off.




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