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Schrödinger Hat

A romantic open source community

Hey, this is Schrödinger Hat 👋

Schrödinger Hat is the first open source community, podcast, live streaming, event organizer and much more!

🥷🏻 Contributors

Gabriele Puliti

Miki Lombardi

Lorenzo Pieri

Abe Hanoka

Angela Busato


Andre Cristhian

Davide Imola


Nicola Puppa

Patrick Raedler

🐱 Community

We are not alone: discord server

🚀 Projects

We have several ideas, here are some projects:

Feel free to contribute with a PR :)

🦦 Sponsor & Sponsorship

We love to help others, if you want to sponsor your open source project, podcast or activity drop us a message on Twitter or an email.

Also, if you would like to support us for our works you can go on our OpenCollective page.

👓 Links

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  1. sh-sessions sh-sessions Public

    6 1

  2. osday osday Public

    Open Source Day: Come join us and discover Open Source in the most inclusive way :)

    TypeScript 15 14

  3. schrodinger-hat-website schrodinger-hat-website Public

    Schrödinger Hat Website

    TypeScript 9 12

  4. ImageGoNord ImageGoNord Public

    A tool that can convert your rgb images to nordtheme palette

    Vue 767 27

  5. youtube-to-anchorfm youtube-to-anchorfm Public

    An automation process to convert YouTube video into audio file and uploading it to podcast

    JavaScript 110 66

  6. community community Public

    Schrödinger Hat community content

    8 3


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