Have Tiled2Unity automatically run when changes to .tmx (Tiled map) files are modified or added.
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For use with Tiled2Unity

A simple bit of Editor script to allow .tmx Tiled Map files to be automatically processed by Tiled2Unity.


  1. Add the Editor/ directory somewhere in your Unity project
  2. The next time a .tmx file is added to/modified in your project a preferences window will open
  3. Adjust your settings and click OK
  4. That's it!

To change your settings in the future clicked the Tiles2Unity menu -> Set Tiled2Unity Import Prefs


  • Path: The path to Tiled2Unity.exe
  • Vertex scale: See this article
  • Exit on complete: Have Tiled2Unity auto-close on complete
  • Hide Tiled2Unity Window: Hide the Tiled2Unity window as it exports
  • Export timeout: The length of time to wait for Tiled2Unity to export in milliseconds