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Just a quick FYI: I slicedns2linode wasn't very happy with one of my zones.

I had a zone, "", with a hostname in it of "". I also had a record for "*". When slicedns2linode tried to add *, it failed because of linode's more strict hostname checking:

./linode.rb:81:in `send_request': Errors completing request [domain.resource.create] @ [] with data [{:Target=>"", :Type=>"A", :DomainID=>250478, :TTL_sec=>1800, :Name=>"*"}]: (RuntimeError)
  - Error #2 - Invalid hostname '*.host'.  (Please consult
    from ./linode.rb:15:in `create'
    from ./slicedns2linode.rb:90
    from ./slicedns2linode.rb:76:in `each'
    from ./slicedns2linode.rb:76
    from ./slicedns2linode.rb:58:in `each'
    from ./slicedns2linode.rb:58

I fixed this by excluding those two records, and then creating an additional zone in linode's manager for "", adding an A record for both "@" and "*.@".

You might be able to handle this automatically in slicedns2linode, or at least warn about the condition rather than aborting the entire data load (the zone I was importing was relatively small, so it wasn't much of a burden).

@Schultz Schultz was assigned Dec 8, 2011

I will look into what it takes to be able to create a wildcard subdomain with Linodes API.


ab49373 changes behavior so it should continue when it attempts to create an invalid record and will notify you.

It looks like Linode's DNS manager doesn't allow subdomain wildcards like * but it will allow * so only the subdomain ones will fail.

@Schultz Schultz closed this Dec 8, 2011

Linode allows subdomain wildcards (I actually have one, since I needed to make this arrangement work when migrating from SH), but only when you create a new zone for "", and then add the wildcard record in THAT zone, rather than "*.host" in the "" zone.

(Did that make sense? I think that made sense. ;-))


Yea it makes sense. Though it seems kind of a convoluted way of supporting it. I think i will leave it as is and just warning of those domains but continuing.

Right now that would require parsing out what might be wildcard subdomain and then creating a new domain based of that. Though i might think about it and retackle it. Only issue i have is i don't have any slicehost account for testing anymore.

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