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The VIII. Zurich Gophers Meetup

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The VIII. Zurich Gophers Meetup
10 Aug 2017
Cyrill Schumacher
Unic AG
* Agenda
- Welcome
- Job Openings
- Talks / Outlook
- 7:10 - 7:30 - Talk 1 - What's new in Go 1.9
- 7:35 - 7:45 - Talk 2 - Michael Weibel - Very very small talk about a serialization library
- 7:45 - 8:15 - Talk 3 - Axel Wagner - Gradual code repairs for everyone
- 8:20 - 9:00 - Wrap up, round table discussions, questions, pair programming, social interaction
* Welcome
Thank you for coming! Glad to have you here for the VIII. Go meetup this time at Unic.
Thank you Unic for hosting our meetup and sponsoring snacks and drinks!
.image 2017-08-10/GoCommunity.png _ 700
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]
* Job Openings
Who is looking for a job and who has some jobs?
Speak now or talk to me after this presentation.
* Conferences / Events
- The Golang UK Conference; 16th, 17th & 18th August 2017, in London
- GothamGo 2017 October 05-06; New York, USA;
- The European Go conference (DotGo); Monday, November 6, 2017, in Paris
- IX. Zurich Gophers Meetup End of November 2017
- GopherCon Denver 2018 August 27-30; Denver, CO;
.image 2017-08-10/NERDY.png _ 200
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]
* Go 1.9 Release Date
.image 2017-08-10/COMING_SOON_GOPHER.png
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]
* Go 1.9 In Progress
.image 2017-08-10/GO_BUILD.png _ 400
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]
* Go 1.9 New Features
- compiler changes (parallel compiling)
- monotonic time
- typealias (type T1 = T2) and inline branches(?)
- "fused multiply and add" (FMA) To force the intermediate rounding, write float64(x*y) + z.
- By popular request, ./... no longer matches packages in vendor directories
- testing: way to list tests and benchmarks without running them
* Go 1.9 Minor changes to the library
- database/sql: Use a cached Stmt if available in Tx.Stmt. Prevents statements from being re-prepared each time Tx.Stmt is called.; Rows.Scan can now scan user-defined string types; The new DB.Conn method returns the new Conn type representing an exclusive connection to the database from the connection pool.
- encoding/csv: new field Reader.ReuseRecord for improved performance.
- sync.Mutex is now more fair. What?
- text/template: handling of empty blocks same behaviour as in Go 1.7
- math/bits: an integer bit twiddling library
- sync.Map a concurrent map with amortized-constant-time loads, stores, and deletes
- More details in the release notes
* Thanks!
.image 2017-08-10/Unicorn_Gopher.png _ 400
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]
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# Readme - Gopher Artwork
Created by Ashley McNamara, based on original artwork from the amazing [Renee French](
You can also find us on Twitter:
## How can you use these things?
Download and unzip the and in there you'll find the PNG files.
These files are ready to print and I suggest [Sticker Mule]( for high-quality, color correct, stickers.
## Special shout-out to:
* [Renee French](
* [Brian Ketelsen](
* [Steve Francia](
## Software used
The application used to create the Gopher Images is Adobe Illustrator.
## Legal
This work is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License](
Please contact me if you wish to use any of this artwork for commercial purposes (anywhere revenue is obtained, including advertising).
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