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Add slides for XIII. Go Meetup Pi-Day with Go 1.12

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The XIII. Zurich Gophers Meetup

Pi-Day 2019

Cyrill Schumacher
Magazine zum Globus AG

* Welcome

Thank you for coming! Glad to have you here for the XIII. Go meetup this time at

Thank you Globus (my new employer) for hosting our meetup and sponsoring the location!

.image 2017-08-10/GoCommunity.png _ 700
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]

* Agenda

- Intro / Job Openings
- Talks / Outlook

- 7:05 - 7:45 - Tom Payne: and/or
- 7:45 - 8:30 - Jan Halfar, bestbytes: Jaeger Tracing in the shop and other discussions
- 8:30 - 9:00 - Wrap up, round table discussions, questions, pair programming, social interaction

* Job Openings

- Who is looking for a job?
- Who has some open positions?
- Please send me your job openings to present them here.

Globus is looking for Senior Go Developers to work on our Go-only eCommerce Microservice Store ->

* Go 1.12

Congrats to the Go Team and all contributors for the release of Go 1.12. Some highlights are:

- There are no changes to the language specification.
- binary-only packages are getting deprecated
- Runtime improvements
- TLS 1.3,
- fmt: Maps are now printed in key-sorted order to ease testing
- For more details please see [[]]

* Next Meetup

Our next Meetup will be held as soon as we have 2-3 talks ;-) or in 2-3 months.

Would someone like to host the Meetup?

* Let's go!

.image 2017-08-10/Unicorn_Gopher.png _ 400
.caption _Gopher_ by [[][Renée French]]
.caption _Graphics_ by [[][Ashley McNamara]]

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