A simple captive portal HTTP server for NodeMCU ESP8266 devices running Lua
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This is my fork of nodemcu-lua-server. I added the DNS redirection / captive portal via esp8266-captive-portal and modified the send commands to send valid HTTP responses (though I think I could have just used the http module 🤷)

IoT NodeMCU webserver

IoT Webserver for NodeMCU (written in Lua)


If you don't have any experience with ESP8266 and Lua, please check: IoT Esp8266 Lua Guide

  1. Clone / Download this repository.
  2. Install nodemcu-tool using npm:
npm install nodemcu-tool -g
  1. Optional: You can install lua linter - luacheck:
luarocks install luacheck


Before you start you have to update config.lua file and set WiFi credentials:

module.SSID["NAME"] = "PASSWORD"

Connect your NodeMCU to USB port and upload all lua scripts (/dev/cu.wchusbserial1410 - your device name might be different)

$ nodemcu-tool --port /dev/cu.wchusbserial1410 upload src/*.lua

If you're done you can try to connect to your NodeMCU:

$ nodemcu-tool --port /dev/cu.wchusbserial1410 terminal

In order to see NodeMCU / server logs press RESET button on the board - the webserver will restart and try to establish wifi connection again:

Connecting to YOUR_WIFI_NETWORK...
ESP8266 mode is: 1
MAC address is: 5e:cf:7f:1b:df:19
IP is
Server Started
Open in your browser

Follow the instruction and open your browser with given IP address:

NodeMCU WebServer Preview

Happy Hacking.



This project is distributed under the MIT license.