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Repo for the Dakar Declaration on Open Science and supporting documentation.
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The Dakar Declaration on Open Science

This repository contains the Dakar Declaration on Open Science and supporting documentation, including how to contribute, the license, etc.

The declaration

The published full text of the declaration can be found at doi:11623/sci-gaia:1457961379.87. There is a change-controlled version in this repository.


Creative Commons License
The Dakar Declaration on Open Science by Sci-GaIA project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Signing the declaration

Signatory of the declaration can be done via a web form at Note :

  1. The declaration can be signed only by individuals at this point, we would be interested in investigating the signature of the declaration by institutes in the future.
  2. Your signature will be made public. We will only expose your name (first name and surname), but no contact details (email, phone, etc) will be shared.

Citing the declaration

Versions of the declaration are assigned individual DOIs. The first version is published at doi:11623/sci-gaia:1457961379.87, and this should be used as the source when citing the declaration.

Prior Art

This declaration is based on previous work and declarations by a diverse set of individuals, projects, institutes etc. We try to keep a tab on these, with a brief comment on their relevance in the prior art file.

Treatment of personal data

Personal data submitted via the web form will be stored in a private database, for the express purpose of validating submissions and publishing the name of the signatory. No contact informatio will be shared with anyone. The information in the database will be protected by the members of the Sci-GaIA consortium, and the future treatment of the data will be decided at the end of the project by internal review.


The authors hope that the delcaration will be the start of a course of action which leads to improving the visibility and impact of African science. This goal will, however involve much discussion, refinement and hopefully positive exchange of comment between research communities and their members. We encourage the use of the African e-Infrastructures Forum

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